Jaime Zollars

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Pokemon Battle Royale at Light Grey Gallery

Here's an image I just finished, created with graphite and cut paper for the Pokemon Battle Royale show at Light Grey Gallery. My chosen Pokemon was Jynx, because she is the only humanoid in the bunch, and I wanted to make her into one of my warrior girls. The light blue necklace is in reference to her connection with ice, and the chrystal ball is a nod to her psychic abilities. It was a fun little piece to obsessively render. She's quite small (about 4' tall) and I cut the color from paper, collaged it on, and drew the image on top.

This will be a fun show with some super-talented folks involved. To see all the artists who are a part of the project and find more information about the gallery, click on over to the show web page.


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